About Me

I’m a research administrator at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois. I created this blog to share information and ideas about research administration for several reasons:

To foster sharing of resources, ideas and tips between research administrators in real time without the need to wait for printed newsletters, meetings or presentations on topics from experts;

To disseminate information to research administrators, research coordinators, financial administrators and those interested in the field about the skills and abilities needed to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities to serve our institutions and investigators each day;

To bring to bear knowledge from other disciplines to challenge research administrators to think about ways to improve the way we do our jobs (and managers to think about the way we manage ourselves and coordinate the work of our colleagues).

To inspire others – those who are in the field of research, higher education and financial administration, to consider research administration as a profession. To inspire my colleagues and remind them that their work is important and vital to the work of investigators and the universities they serve, and to transmit my passion for empowering research and scientific discovery, through research administration. I am not a scientist. I could not perform a laboratory experiment, conduct a clinical trial or a community based investigation – but I can make sure that the investigators who do have the resources they need and can hire the staff, and meet the deadlines to report to their sponsors. Most importantly, I can ensure that they don’t do that entirely by themselves. What a privilege.

I welcome comments and input. We are all challenged by new information each day and keeping up is a on-going responsibility. I learn a great deal from my colleagues and appreciate that the sum total of my knowledge is a reflection of the outstanding caliber of my teammates in Research Administration Services at the Feinberg School of Medicine, and the outstanding individuals I work with at Northwestern University. It’s incumbent upon each of us to share what we know in order to best serve our investigators, to be effective stewards of sponsored resources, and to ensure compliance.

I appreciate everyone who visits my blog, and feel terrible when I can’t always keep it up – I get so busy sometimes. This is a true reflection of what I love to do – and sometimes the day to day takes me away from my passion.

This blog is not an official statement or reflection of the policies or positions of Northwestern University or the Feinberg School of Medicine and should not be read as such.

Michelle Melin-Rogovin

Read more about me here: Article

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am considering a change in careers from an experienced School Counselor into research administration. There is an opportunity at a local university offering extensive mentoring and training. My passion for supporting and helping others succeed as well as the ability to collaborate and communicate well with others would lend itself to this field. Any professional insights would be helpful how I can transition into this field would be appreciated. Thank you in advance, Ruth

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