The Top Five Efficiency Apps

It’s manage your sanity week! There are five applications that I use virtually NON-stop to manage my brain and my life (on my phone, my iPad and my computer at work) and I’m going to share them here to help you manage your time too!

You’ve already heard me extol the virtues of Toodledo. It’s my fave. You have to use it, and think about how you use folders and tags (I use folders for clients and tags for type of work) but once you figure that out, there’s nothing holding you back from being incredibly productive with Toodledo. It has a ton of fields to capture your to-do data with, so you can customize your list and make it appear exactly as you wish. It has a badge that shows up on the main app icon – a big round number of the to-do items I have going on that week. You can also use alarms and reminders based on the type of deadline you are managing. It’s the best. Totally worth the investment (also available on Android phones).


Do you Doodle? Ok, I know I’m rhyming now (Toodledo, Doodle), but one of my biggest pet peeves is the e-mail from a colleague with a big long list of times to schedule a meeting. Second pet peeve is the painful back and forth on Outlook to schedule and reschedule meetings (which is highly dependent on everyone in your group being on your network – which half the time doesn’t work for my group). Just use Doodle. It’s free. It’s so easy. And anyone – anywhere – at anytime can tell you their availability and confirm their participation. It saves 10 steps. Did I mention it’s free? Just don’t give people 100 options for meeting dates and times!

Whiteboard Pro is available for your Android and Apple Phones and is a must for whiteboard drivers like myself. We have a whiteboard in every room, and we update our team, post our group priority list, and “motivational” ideas on our white board my own office white board has milestones for our departments. To capture key information on white boards from meetings and informal processes, without the whiteboard crap – take a photo – and edit it with Whiteboard Pro. It cleans up all the stuff in the background allows you to send a PDF of the document to your team. You can actually read what you wrote and not have to write it all down. We still talk about what Whiteboard Pro did to the famous “window budget” we had to work with last year. Essential!

Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

How many times does your email box fill up in a day with the same  document going back and forth with edits? Large spreadsheets and proposal documents clog my tiny work e-mail box and it doesn’t matter what I do. Cloud computing is here and if you don’t have your head in the clouds, you are spending a lot of time filing emails. Dropbox is an elegant solution! Just use a superb password.



You have heard me expound on the greatness that is Flipboard previously. Forget going to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through separate web clients. Who has the time. Read more by checking out my previous post I’ve Flipped for Flipboard to find out more about this amazing app, which is available for several types of phones and formats.

These are the five apps I can’t live without. What are yours? Comment below and share your pearls of electronic wisdom!

1 thought on “The Top Five Efficiency Apps”

  1. For implementing GTD you can use this application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.

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