Health Care Law Upheld In Large Part by Supremes

For those who have awards funded by the Affordable Care Act, today was an important day – as the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality most of the legislation. To read more, you can go to the ruling which has an analysis written by the Court itself.

On page 6, the Court stated “Even absent §1303’s command, the Court would have no warrant to invalidate the funding offered by the Medicaid expansion, and surely no basis to tear down the ACA in its entirety.” The Court viewed that the law offered them the ability to sever provisions from other aspects of the legislation and therefore severed one key aspect of the original legislation from all the others. The ruling is complicated, and basically the analysis on news websites indicates that the law now goes back to Congress to determine how it will be funded in future years.

We can look to the November elections for an indication of that – but as many health care experts have also said in recent weeks, many aspects of this law also indicate that the changes that this legislation have reflected are part of the fabric of our changing health care system as a whole. Stay tuned to the political process and watch the movement in Congress.

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