Supporting Junior Faculty: Resources for Helping Them to Learn the Ropes and Find Funding

I’m heading off to NCURA again, this time to St. Louis for the region 4/5 meeting where I’ll be speaking with a colleague from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (the fabulous Michelle Schoenecker) on working with faculty who are developing and submitting proposals.

We’re going to be talking about the challenge of helping to find sources of funding for faculty (both early stage investigators and established scientists) and how to steer faculty through the available funding opportunities (especially limited opportunities). We will discuss how to provide assistance and guidance to junior faculty when they do not have mentoring and guidance and are looking for help from research administrators when looking for a funding opportunity or writing a proposal for the first time. Most importantly, we’re going to address how to help faculty target the right opportunity for their idea.

Some resources we’ll be talking about for early stage investigators who are learning how to navigate the NIH include the NIAID New PI Guide, which is a comprehensive resource that introduces a new investigator to the process of how to develop a project, write an application, submit it for funding at an agency and work with the project officer.  Additional resources like the NIU and  University of Michigan proposal writing guides helps new PI’s to develop their proposal to the NSF, NIH or even foundations when they are new to the process.

I’ll be covering additional sessions from NCURA from Monday April 16 to Wednesday April 18 from St. Louis – so stay tuned!

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