Coming Soon: Unified Progress Reporting System for Federal Grants

Someone has heard the cries of pain and suffering that thousands of investigators and their research administrators experience each year, when three letters are uttered: A. P. R. (that’s annual progress report for you newbies).

Yes, it’s true. Help is on the way.

There are changes afoot. First, there will be a single reporting format for all federal grants – no special reporting for one agency only to collect data and twist into knots for a second grant, on your related research project, for another. The reporting will be on one main template that agencies will have the option to customize.

The RPPR, that’s the new Research Performance Progress Report is designed to replace the PHS2590, and the PHS416-9 for those fellowship award recipients, and a form of it will be available for eSNAP awards for NIH awards. Read the NIH notice here: NIH Notice

All Federal agencies will use a version of the report which will roll out over the next 12-18 months, with PHS grants going first. NIH grants will begin to pilot the report with some recipients in April and May of 2012, with a full roll out in September 2012. NSF will roll out in calendar year 2013, and the DOD will follow in 2014. The new reporting, which is more narrative in nature, but shorter, is expected to take less time to complete.

To view the format, use the RPPR link above, and if your investigator has NIH grants, look for updates in the second half of the year to get ready.

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