Conflict of Interest Guidelines: August is Around the Corner!

In a discussion of the new financial conflict of interest guidelines, to go into effect this August , several points were raised that impact the daily lives of research administrators:

  1. Investigators will need to complete some type of reporting, especially on their travel, every 30 days (and we thought quarterly effort was hard!).
  2. Most interestingly, the new regulation states that if a subcontractor does not have a financial conflict of interest guideline in place (and cannot demonstrate their process for evaluation of conflicts and declare the outcome to the prime) then the prime has to administer the financial conflict of interest policy for the subcontract. That means that the prime organization has to assess the conflicts of interest for a subcontractor organization and report on it.

There is no doubt that research administrators will be assisting PIs with this process to prevent reporting from becoming burdensome.

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