I’ve Flipped for Flipboard

I’m presenting in Orlando next week at the Financial Research Administrators conference for NCURA, on Social Media: Making the Wired World Work for You. I’ll be leading a discussion on how research administrators can harness the power of social media to increase effectiveness and share information about research administration to improve quality services. Here’s a little bit about what we’ll be discussing on Tuesday afternoon, March 27 at 4pm at the NCURA Meeting:

Here is the time management tip of the year for everyone who hates going to six million social media sites, remembering a ton of passwords (because you don’t use the same one, now do you) to keep up with your social media, RSS, and news streams. Flipboard. It’s gorgeous. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. I’m sure those of you who are not Flipboard enabled will be soon – it’s the best interface I can find for the apps it brings me, and I’ve looked at a bunch.

Ok, it’s not perfect. There’s no push capability that I can find. But I have forgiven Flipboard for this imperfection. It brings me Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, and a ton of the news media I normally would love to read, all in the same place. You can link up more than one account, and the interfaces for each make sense (I hate the normal Twitter interface, it makes me nuts).

The look and feel presents you with content in a magazine format with your social media connections in each network behind it. It’s nice, easy to use and not overwhelming. You can easily decide to read and use what you want.

Flipboard is a free download in the iTunes store.

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