Newer NSF Proposal Requirements

We’re discussing proposal preparation now, and the big news here is the requirement for RFAs to submit an LOI. The letter of intent will be required to prepare the review panel and should not be skipped. In addition, if the LOI plan changes, a call should be made to the project officer.

in addition, some RFAs will also require a preproposal, which should be very well thought out and not change.This is a mechanism to select who may go on to write a full proposal.

With regard to the new conflicts of interest guidelines, the PI biosketch requires the listing ofcollaboration partners to determine conflicts. Because the NSF guideline is to keep the Biosketch at 2 pages, the requirement to list out collaboration partners on research can be difficult for two reasons. They are looking for all names for the past 48 months. for some investigators, that’s atown of people. If there is a problem, call the project officer for assistance.




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