Everything we do counts. Everything.

Ever wonder if you’re making a difference?

The NIH Data Book is out for 2011. The numbers are sobering.

The overall success rate for applications was 18%. For new investigators, it was 15%.

Of the funded applications – a majority were R01’s.

There were more R01 and R21 applications, and because the award amount for the R01 category increased slightly, this lead to an overall decline in the success rate for applications. There was also, as we know, a decrease in the NIH budget this year. The NRSA applications, and K-awards continue to be funded at about 30-ish percent, yet applications continue to rise.

Funny how a bar chart with a tiny red line makes what we’ve been hearing a bit more real – something happens when you put a fine point on the data. It’s no longer “about 20%” get funded, but 18%.

Everything we do counts.

Allowing our faculty to focus on the highest and best use of their time – to write the best application, while we ensure that the application is absolutely correct – counts.

The late hours, the extra work, accepting the stressful moments, going the extra mile.

Double and triple checking for accuracy. Working smarter to get everything in efficiently and correctly.

Getting everything in as early as possible for review. Pushing everyone involved to get their materials in on time.

Doing our best work and helping everyone on the team to do the same.

Projecting a positive attitude for our faculty member until we press send with OSR.

Thanking everyone involved (because we’re going to have to do it again).

All the work we do helps to maximize our faculty member’s chances of success. 

Everything we do makes a difference. Everything we do counts.

Do it well. 



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