My New Year’s Resolution

I have a new addiction. I am a Lifehacker addict. The blog has been online for years, and the book is in its 3rd printing, I’m late to the game. And I’m dependent on the amazing talents of my colleague Mariela to configure my computer at work, I admit. She’s just faster and far more talented than I.

So, you say, what is my Lifehacker New Year’s Resolution? Take a deep breath. It’s a clean in-box.

I know! Crazy talk!

The fact is, there are days I get so much e-mail that I can’t even see when a new e-mail comes in. I actually miss it. It’s baaad. It defeats the purpose of e-mail. Instant communication. Yeah, right.

My goal is – click it, deal with it. Just like the Lifehacker rules. I want to be able to see the bottom of my e-mail box. I strive to be like Mariela. Her e-mail box is nearly spotless. Since January, I’ve had an ongoing run of being able to see the bottom of my e-mail box every day – it’s a beautiful thing. I archive everything, and search for messages I need, using my Outlook archive like Gmail. We have pitifully small e-mail boxes on our server, so we need to manage our e-mail nearly every day, especially during proposal season, so these issues are paramount.

There are other e-mail hacks on the Lifehacker website for taming Outlook too. Lifehacker has tons of other technology tips for organizing work processes for the iPad, iPhone and simple gadgets and tools (like alternative uses for things we use everyday like voicemail).

Take a look, and pick your Lifehacker Resolution for 2012!

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