Check, Check, Double Check.

Checklists. They are a research administrator’s best friend. We have so many things we have to remember – under such stressful conditions, that we create checklists for everything. I love checklists for three reasons.

First, it’s a great way to make sure that I cover off on everything I have to do when I’m under stress, because I’m TERRIBLE at remembering everything. I need them, especially when I’m down the 11th hour and I get tired. I also like to make checklists for PI’s.

Second, it’s a terrific way to ensure that a team of people are doing the same process in just about the same way – and that the most important steps are not being missed.

Third – it’s a superb way to ensure that a new person is trained to do a process with complete information. It’s one thing to have someone SHOW you how to do it, but it’s another to have a great list to refer to when that person has left the building. (Now what was that 19th step again?)

Do you have a favorite checklist? There are short ones, and long ones, and ones with guidance notes. They are crucial to our success, that’s for sure. Write them, and use them. Share them with colleagues that you work with, and shorten them with critical steps for your PI’s.

Our office has several that we’ve refined and we like a lot:

  • Proposal Development & Submission
  • Budgeting
  • Award Management
  • Post Award Close-Out
  • Subcontracting with Affiliates

I’ll send them to anyone who asks!

8 thoughts on “Check, Check, Double Check.”

    1. Hi Holly –
      Yes they are – sorry for the delay in responding. I’m happy to send them to you. We’ve been working to update them, and since we’ve gotten new electronic systems they are in need of an update, but you still might find them useful. I’ve been meaning to go over them again, and when I do I’ll just post them on the resources section of this site. 🙂

      I’ll e-mail them to you in the meantime!

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your comment. The checklists I have are several years old. We haven’t updated them because they do not reflect our new electronic systems. However, if you’d find them useful, the general processes are still reflected in the checklists. As the integration of electronic systems is going through several iterations at our institution, documentation keeps changing. (But it’s on our to-do list.)

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