How do I write…

Can I save you tons of time? How many times have you gotten the question, how do I write… (fill in the blank?) A budget justification, a statement of work, a human subjects section, a resources section – I could go on. We’re running on M&M’s and Diet Coke, and a PI is strung out on cigarettes and coffee, and they say, “Oh yeah, I’m almost done, but I have one more question…how do I write X?” And you want to fall off your chair because you know HOW last minute that proposal is really going to be. I turn to the Google machine in my time of need, and find examples, but often find the investigator is left wanting.

No more!

Visit the website at the Northern Illinois University Office of Sponsored Projects! Their writing guides will help anyone who is looking for extra guidance on NIH and NSF proposals, and even point you to specific guides for institute specific proposals. There are also tips on how to write the standard elements of an NIH and NSF proposal, and help with budgeting as well.

OH, when one’s brain fails. This website is fabulous!

Visit, bookmark, recommend, repeat!

Nice job NIU!

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