Happy New Year – The Salary Cap Just Dropped!

Stay tuned for more details, but President Obama signed PL 112-74 into law just before the holidays, which included provisions to fund the NIH. In it, the law specifies that the NIH salary cap is now defined at Executive Level II:

Salary Cap: Section 203 of Division F reduces the salary cap on grants and other extramural mechanisms funded under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from Executive Level I ($199,700 in 2011) to Executive Level II ($179,700).

This change should affect applications going in to NIH for the February deadline folks! For more information on the law’s changes to NIH funding, read more here.

PS: OF COURSE  the law effects almost all government grants – interestingly, the CMS is not noted, so we’re not including the salary cap in our proposals and we’re seeing what happens when funding comes in! However, as a medical school we’re focused on our NIH applications. But ALL applications to government agencies are affected!

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