Why I love LinkedIn

It’s the buzzword of the last five years. Translational research. Or something like it. Every agency is asking investigators to maximize their research dollars in some way, cross pollinate their ideas, reach out across disciplines. This means that we need to get to know our colleagues – who are those research accountants in the law school at our university? Or the engineering school, or the medical school? The people who do what we do across campus? A great way to find out is to join LinkedIn and start to connect with those people you know and meet people they know – and gradually network outward at your institution.

We all have research networks that meet and kibbutz, but nine times out of ten, the people you need to know don’t attend them. When I have a question and need to find someone, I’ve looked them up on my University directory and can locate basic information about them. On LinkedIn, I can find someone I know who knows the person who can introduce me and help me solve my question.

This is also key when you’re looking to advance your career or recruit for a position in your department – or even find a collaborator for an early stage investigator. You can join and develop a basic profile at no charge. I don’t own stock or have any interest in the website. I’m just a LinkedIn fanatic. Check it out!


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