E-Mangled: Keeping Up with E-mail

If your institution is like mine, you have a miniscule amount of space on your server for an e-mail box and a tidal wave of e-mail coming at you each day. How to cope? A recent article in the New York Times by Sam Grobart offers a new way to think about e-mail in the age of web services for news and networking.

What I found the most freeing was that I could stop archiving my inbox with a detailed system of files. Yeah! I now dump everything into one file called 2011 and search by keyword. I also use my junk folder and rules folder mercilessly.

However, I find that I still receive a ton of e-mail each day from people who are still learning how to use e-mail more effectively – so I’ll provide additional follow up tips and hints on how I try to use e-mail more effectively myself to maximize the search function when looking for e-mails in my own inbox. Remembering that this is how many people are now searching for their e-mails allows you to communicate more effectively online.

The first rule is: make sure you provide a detailed in reference to line!


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